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Avon Brochure January 2020 is available now! Make-up products, accessories, personal care products from clothes to dozens of quality products are presented to us through catalogue. I find especially Avon care products very effective. Many care products are offered to you with attractive price advantages for healthier skin. Therefore, you should always follow the latest Avon Brochure regularly! In this article, you will see some information about Nail Care. If you are interested in this topic, let’s read it!

Nail care is one of the most important issues for women. Because the first step of beautiful hands, strong and healthy nails, can change all the air! If you think so, but you can not have the quotes you want, you can get help from our suggestions. How to care for nails? is one of the most frequently asked questions. If you are curious about nail care tips, you should read the rest of the article. You shouldn’t forget to follow Avon Brochure January 2020. Be sure, you will see many essentials for your nails.

Take care of your fingernails

If your nails break quickly, you should first consider it a health problem. Taking calcium supplements, drinking plenty of water, and eating mainly fruits and vegetables solves the problem in a short time. However; If you have habits such as nail-eating, you should psychologically motivate yourself to prevent it. Products such as bitter nail polish can also help.

Rasp nails correctly

The way you rasp your nails is also an important issue for your health. If you cut and shape your nails bluntly while doing a manicure at home, they will break more easily because there is a greater chance of getting stuck. So if you prefer to cut blunt, you should always roll the pointed corners slightly.

Clean your nail polish regularly

You should wipe off your nail polish every two to three days, wait a day or two before the renewal and let your nails breathe. You should also pay attention to the product you use when cleaning your nails. Whether your nail polish cleanser contains acetone or not, it can be corrosive to your nails. It may cause the fingernail to thin and peel like paper. To prevent these effects, you should wash your hands with soap after cleaning your nail polish, then use hand cream.

Cutting of cuticles

One of the most common mistakes is to cut the cuticles. When you cut the cuticle, they become thicker and grow faster. For this reason, drop some baby oil into the hot water and let the meat soften and push the meat with a wooden push rod. Also, don’t forget to use hand cream as you think.

Apply base coat nail polish

Always apply a base coat under the nail polish, ie transparent nail polish. In this way, the nail polish will be removed without leaving a residue. This allows the nails to breathe more air. If it does not apply a base coat before nail polish, it absorbs color pigments of nail polish and deteriorates on the nail surface. So don’t forget to apply a base nail polish.
Be close to the water

As you can tell from the faster-growing nails, summers are the best-known tactics for quick nail growth; contact with water. The more water they value during the day, the longer they grow. However, excessive contact may also cause the nail to break and break. So if you’re washing dishes, you should add lemon juice to the water, then massage your nails with effective moisturizers. Oils such as almond oil and olive oil are very useful for nail extension.

Organize a home care session

For fast-growing nails, you can arrange home care sessions. For example; You can rub your nails with a mixture of lemon and oil. After pouring olive oil on the inner peel of a lemon, gently pressing and massaging will provide quick elongation. You should also remember that you need some time for a healthy nail extension.

Choose the right-hand cream

Hand creams also have a great effect on the nails. We recommend that you concentrate on creams containing olive oil, almond oil or lemon. You should also put the hand cream in your bag and use it whenever you need it. You should check out Avon January 2020 Brochure pdf for check hand cream!

Use vinegar for nail care

Vinegar is another natural product that will help the nails grow faster with the beneficial acids it contains. If you massage your nails daily with a mixture of salt and vinegar, you can benefit from it in a short time.

Use vitamin E

Vitamin E is highly effective in nail elongation. This vitamin, which you can find in capsules in pharmacies, can be mixed with cream and you can massage your nails daily. We can say that you will have strong nails in a short time!

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