Graffiti Makeup

Today’s topic is about Graffiti makeup with Avon Brochure January 2020! It was one of the most talked-about makeup at New York Fashion Week this year. Are you ready to learn the secrets of this stunning and colorful makeup? You will see Graffiti makeup in the form of daytime make-up first and then pretend to be suitable for night make-up.

Eye Makeup

Apply the permanent cream eye shadow in turquoise tones to the inner parts of your eye as if you are pulling the eyeliner with your eyeliner brush. On the outside, apply the same application with a purple cream eye shadow. Then mix the blue and purple colors to capture a natural transition. With deep purple shades of powder, you can increase the effect by passing over the eyeliner in the outer corners. At this stage, you can use Avon Cream Eyeshadow and Avon True Color 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette from Avon January 2020 Catalogue pdf.

Under the eye close to the eyelash line in the form of golden eye, shadow cream apply. Separate your lashes one by one and give them depth by applying mascara to your lashes to give length and volume. You can choose Avon Volume Lash Magnify Mascara!

Make your eyebrows look and shape with the help of eyebrow mascara. At this stage, you can apply Avon mark. Brow Mascara. See Avon January 2020 Brochure pdf.

Glittering skin makeup

Use the color equalizer concealer palette to compensate for color disparities in your skin. Tip: You can neutralize colors according to the color wheel with the colors in front of them. For example, the opposite color of red relative to the color wheel is green. That means you can hide the redness on your face with your green concealer.

Eye mask with yellow, acne marks concealer. At this stage, you can apply Avon Concealer Stick from Avon Catalogue January 2020. After the concealer process, apply the foundation to even the skin color. The Avon Flawless Ultra matte Foundation can be a good choice, reducing the pore appearance and giving it a matt appearance. Don’t forget to add warmth to your skin with the help of blush!

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Correct Makeup With Help Of Avon Brochure January 2020

In this article, you will see correct makeup with help of Avon Brochure January 2020. you will see which mistakes you do in the makeup and the correctness of these mistakes. In short, you are getting rid of the mistakes in makeup now! Let’s see what you’re doing. Assuming you won’t make these make-up mistakes, you’re sure to have perfect make-up styles!Correct Makeup With Help Of Avon Brochure January 2020

1. Mistake: Foundation selection

Choosing a suitable foundation for skin tone is very important. You shouldn’t just try your face when choosing a foundation. Apply it to your neck and get precise results! You should try Power Stay 24 Hour Foundation from page 63 of Avon January 2020 Brochure pdf. It provides full coverage that won’t cake or block pores. Browse it!

2. Mistake: Concealer selection and application

When choosing Concealers, we usually choose very light tones rather than skin color. But the important thing is to choose the exact concealer in your skin. When applying, you should apply it in the form of an inverted triangle, not a round shape.

3. Mistake: Eyeliner application

When applying eyeliner, you should apply the tail with your eyes open. When you try to apply your eyes closed and with your hand, you will not get results.

4. Mistake: Eyebrow makeup

Instead of over-straining your entire eyebrows, you can get a more natural look by combing with an eyebrow mascara, such as Avon Eyebrow Stencil Set from page 75 of Avon Catalogue January 2020.

5. Mistake: Blush application

One of the most common mistakes is to apply the blush to the part where you make the contour, that is, to your cheek cavity. However, the point of application of the blush is the top of the cheeks, which becomes apparent when you smile. If you are looking for a good blush, you should focus on page 58 of Avon January 2020 Catalogue pdf. Avon Blush is on sale with savings up to R55!

6. Mistake: Lip makeup

Instead of applying the lip pencil too much, you should try applying your lipstick to the size of your lip. Then you can apply the lip pencil to the edges of your lip to get more distinctive lips.

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Practical Night Makeup

Suddenly, when you say goodbye to your hot bed and get across the makeup table with a phone call, it’s plenty. You know, these times are vital because you’re too late to go. Even though we like the sudden plans of the night, we do not have time to make up so much. Here’s how to do the most practical night makeup for such nights we have described it in this article with products of Avon Brochure January 2020!

We’re starting with Stunning Eye Makeup!

The aim of this makeup is to finish the makeup in the most practical and fast way with the least product. Therefore, it is very important that every product you use can be used in many points of makeup. Start your makeup with the Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliner pencil Ultra Black from page 67 of Avon January 2020 Brochure pdf. When applying the pencil to the eyelid, be careful and smooth. Apply the pencil to the eyelids and distribute them with a brush. The pencil you apply to the inside of the upper eyelids will also intensify the lash appearance.

Then apply the dark brown color of the Avon Eyeshadow Quad gently over the eyelids. Then, with a warmer brown tone, the folding area of the eyelids is highlighted. To make the transition between the black pen and the brown headlight, apply the black light to the transition area with a brush. Remember to make the same transition under the eyes! After applying Supershock Max Volume Waterproof Mascara, which is the last step of eye makeup, to both upper and lower lashes, your eye makeup is ready! For this, you should take a look at page 69 Avon January 2020 Catalogue.

You need some sparkle because it’s night makeup. To achieve the most practical glow of skin makeup, try Mark Magix Skin Finishing FX Stick after applying Avon True Power 24 Hour Stay Foundation! Apply Mark Nude Matte Concealer under the eyes and distribute it again with the help of a make-up sponge. The right choice for this makeup will be lipstick in nude tones. See on page 65 of Avon Catalogue January 2020.

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5 Steps For Correct Makeup With Avon Brochure January 2020

Today’s topic is about correct makeup with products of Avon Brochure January 2020! We often make mistakes in our daily make-up. This both damages our skin and causes us to get the image we want. Therefore, in this article, you will see how to apply makeup with the right makeup tips. And it’s easy! Follow all the steps and get the look you want. Also, you shouldn’t forget to take a look at all pages of Avon January 2020 Brochure. It is the first Avon Catalogue of the new year! You will come across unbeatable offers and unique items on this!

Step one:
Make up your skin and start makeup. The first step of the skin cleansing preparation. Then moisturize your skin with moisturizer.

Second step:
Make up your skin by applying the foundation to your skin.

Foundations From Avon January 2020 Catalogue;

Step three:
Apply your blush on the cheekbones to get a natural look.

Step four:
Time to eyeliner application. First, create the tail of the eyeliner, then move to the interior.

Step five:
When applying Mascara, start the application from the bottom of the eyelashes so that the lashes do not get heavier and fall down. You should try  Avon True 5 In One Lash Genius Black Mascara from page 71 of Avon Catalogue January 2020!

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Ambitious Eye Makeup

Ambitious Eye Makeup comes to mind first when the power of makeup is mentioned. Because the most striking way to change the look of makeup is actually the eyes. There is a big difference between Nude eye makeup and intense smoky eye makeup. Make an intense and assertive eye makeup to show the power of makeup. First, apply the Avon True Color Eyeshadow 8-in-1 Palette to the entire eyelid. So you’re going to make a base for eye makeup. Then apply the brown eye shadow on the palette to the fold line of the eyelid, mixing with a little orange shade. Apply dark brown eyelashes to your eyelashes with a fine-tipped headlight brush to size your eyes. Then mix this color by spreading it to the outer corners of the eye to make it look more natural and shaded. See Avon Brochure January 2020.

It is the crown of the eye makeup: Eyeliner! I can’t imagine an assertive eye makeup without eyeliner. With Mark Whip Into Shape Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner, pull a whopping and ambitious eyeliner. Don’t worry, you can easily use this style. If you are a beginner, you can apply more practical eyeliner with this product. Check out on page 70 of Avon January 2020 Catalogue pdf.

Voluminous Eyelashes

Finish your ambitious eye makeup with Avon True 5 in One Lash Genius Black Mascara. This mascara, which you can apply to both the upper and lower lashes, changes the whole appearance in an instant. You will not leave this mascara that separates the lashes individually and plumps them with volume! If you’re looking for a mascara to plump your eyelashes, you must give it a chance. For more details, you can check out page 71 of Avon January 2020 Brochure pdf.

Fill Your Eyebrows

You should fill the gaps between your eyebrows to make your eyebrows look flawless on the days you do intense makeup. You can use the Mark Perfect Brow Kit for this. Fill the gaps between your eyebrows with a fine brush from top to bottom and I get a very natural look. Browse on page 75 of Avon Catalogue January 2020.

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